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Esidirect has Australia's widest selection of work gloves & safety gloves. We make it easy to find what you need by helping you sort through our selection by price, size, newest models, oldest models, and availability. Our wide selection allows you to stock your business with quality supplies or help you find the equipment you need for your home project.

Choose from our wide variety of work gloves & safety gloves, including:
• Chemical resistant gloves
• Cut resistant gloves
• Leather and riggers gloves
• Mechanics Contego gloves

At Esidirect, we have a huge collection of work gloves designed for a wide range of applications. Our work and safety gloves are carefully engineered to keep your hands safe from several industrial hazards. You can select any suitable glove based on the risks that can be identified at your workplace.

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Of all the tools at our disposal, our hands are the most important ones as they are the tools that handle everything else. We only get two of them and we use them for most everyday tasks – from turning faucets to handling heavy equipment. It makes sense to keep them safe while working in areas where risk is involved. So if you are employed in hazardous industries such as iron casting, welding, or a chemical laboratory, we recommend the usage of right work gloves.

There are several factors that decide the kind of work gloves you require. Some of these factors are the occupation involved, length of the task, existing conditions, and the involvement of hazardous materials. You would need safety gloves if you work face any of these:

Mechanical hazards – There are mechanical hazards involved if you handle sharp and rough objects (such as masonry blocks or glass) that might cut or pierce through the skin.

Fighting Fires – This hazard calls for special leather gloves that shield the hands from heat and form a hindrance against mechanical hazards as well.

Thermal Vulnerabilities –Thermal vulnerabilities come in various forms. There could be actual flames, or the heat might be conducted or radiated. Cold can include anything from frozen gases to cold water. Special safety gloves would protect your hands against thermal extremities.

Chemical Hazards – Whether it’s total immersion or a mere splash, chemical substances can irritate, burn, or inflame the skin; and you need to be protected against them.

Our standard delivery charge for safety wear is $9.95, for delivery anywhere in Australia. Contact us online or call us on 1300 446 707 for more information.